Garage Door


Automatic swing doors can be practical. Is safe And easy to install An ordinary door in use can be quickly adjusted to an automatic swing door without any complexity. Swing doors add convenience and underneath. Therefore easy to use for people with disabilities Installation of drive saw.

In the case of a visually attached drive The drive box and the linkage can be seen from the outside, added to Which can be quickly linked to any existing door Suitable for changing the doors of general public buildings to automatic doors.

Choice of use
- Fire and smoke protection doors
- Smoke extraction door
- Emergency exit
- Hermetic door
- Soundproof door
- Radiation protection door
- mining gate
- Door without earth

Additional functions
-Simply touch and release by hand is enough to allow the door leaf to open automatically.
- Door closing function: can be closed by hand during power failure.
- Air lock system: 2 sets of door control systems at the entrance To prevent airflow between inside and outside
- Access controller: use key, video or biometric data As a controller for building entrance
- Building automation: can be combined with existing building control systems
The movement of each swing can be set independently.
- Air flow / environmental influences: the hierarchy of motion remains unchanged and is relatively independent of temperature and wind changes.