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Standard Folding Door


Standard Folding Door


Saves space
Areas with limited space Which may not be able to install general sliding doors or swing doors We therefore recommend automatic folding doors that will meet your needs. Which requires less space Therefore suitable for areas that need to save space Or suitable for replacing or updating old doors that do not want to fix much work.

Suitable for
Small shops, small companies, convenience stores in gas stations, buildings with narrow entrances. Whether changing the gates in the big city or the historic old area.

Automatic folding door
The bloom is assembled from the manufacturer's factory. This system includes both the power unit and the door frame made of specially designed aluminum frames. Gives the elegance as well as the excellent performance of the system Which has high safety and is good anti-pulling

Choice of use
- Barrier-free construction: can be easily installed with switch-free installers and longer-lasting programs.

Additional functions
- Air lock system: 2 sets of door control systems at the entrance To prevent airflow between inside and outside
- Building automation: can be seamlessly integrated into existing building operations.