Standard Sliding Door


Standard Sliding


บานเลื่อนอัตโนมัติ/ บานเลื่อนมาตรฐาน

The standard format is suitable for all public buildings. Both inside and outside Which facilitates and enhances the image of the organization Because the entrance for welcoming visitors This is the first point that is very important.

Suitable place Office buildings, shopping malls, apartment and condominiums, hotels and restaurants, hospitals and rehab, conference rooms and exhibition buildings, as well as general use.

Usability and advantages
Low noise, efficient operation, well-designed technology, enhance customer convenience and ease of installation.

Choice of use
Fire and smoke protection doors
Emergency exit door
Safety door
Corrosion-proof door
Hermetic door
All glass doors

Additional structure
Air-lock (interlock) system to control 2 doors
To set off: by pressing a button The door closes automatically and does not reverse.
Building automation: can be integrated with existing systems