Telescopic Sliding Door


Telescopic Sliding Door


System characteristics
- Self-closing sliding door system - No electricity needed
- Vibration damper for soft closing Help reduce bumps
-Help you adjust the speed to close as gently as possible.
- Do not need a bottom rail for beauty.
- The door can be opened lightly for easy operation.
- The door handle as well as the door holder can be in a fully open position.
- Designed for glass thickness 8-12 mm. And wooden doors 25-40 mm. Thickness.
- Do not use hands There is one system for opening left or right hand.
- type of wall surface Easy for installation

- Factory at the door must be closed all the time.
- Offices such as stores, pantry and meeting rooms
- Retail stores in front of the store To save energy
- Restaurants used as kitchen door or bathroom door
- The house is used as a kitchen door or a bathroom door.