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Standard & with Show Case

Revolving Door


Standard & With Show Case Revolving Door

ประตูหมุนแบบมาตรฐาน และแบบมีตู้โชว์

Automatic revolving doors can be installed with 2, 3 or 4 doors, which is the technology that provides the highest safety standards. All types of doors are made to meet your needs in order to create a more perfect entrance to the building. And also help enhance the image of your office building Which diameter can be up to 6 meters or more

The revolving arch is suitable for the architectural structure of every building. Which helps promote your entrance to be touchable Especially in areas with air currents Risk of dirt or dust and noise.
- Banks, insurance companies
- Headquarters of major agencies or organizations
- Industrial factories, building management departments
- Retail
- Hotels, catering facilities
- hospitals, nursing homes

Usability and benefits
- Protection against drafts Dirt or dust from entering the building
- It is an independent entrance to the building for corridors.
- low noise
- Maximum energy saving

- Installation of a 2-panel revolving door to an automatic sliding door
- It is used as an emergency exit with a turnstile together.
- Revolving door can show products.
- The power unit is installed under the floor (hidden in the floor).
- Can use all kinds of mirrors
- a controller to help reduce the speed of rotation
- Can be locked at night
- other