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Standard Automatic Door System

The most innovative automatic door system from Japan.

As the pioneer automatic brand in Japan, NABCO has dedicated itself to improvement of access by automatic doors with NABCO's original technology over the half century.

In addition to NABCO's fine quality entrance door, NABCO has also developed a strong portfolio of products for interior, barrier-free, and energy-saving to meet the needs of all customers.

NABCO develops and provide a complete automatic door system with advanced technology from microprocessor-based controllers to NABCO's original automatic door sensors.


Natrus = NABCO x Trust
V-60/85/150 Sliding Door Series

Future-standard automatic door with priority on safety
EN16005/JIS A4722 Compliance

ประตูอัตโนมัติ Nabco

All of each component improved to enhance
pedestrian's safety and comfort

Safety features 1
Self-test feature for sensors

The door system conducts a self-test in every operation to check whether sensors are working to detect the protection area correctly.

ประตูอัตโนมัติ Nabco
ประตูอัตโนมัติ Nabco

Safety features 2
Larger sensor spots offers safer entrance environment for all pedestrians.

ประตูอัตโนมัติ Nabco

Higher density of sensor area

Densifying the sensor area results in greater certainty of detection and better reaction to potential risks near the door, in order to prevent collisions between the door and pedestrians.

Safety features 3
LED blinks to show occurrence of trouble

ประตูอัตโนมัติ Nabco

Trouble indication on sensor

If there is any trouble with the components including the sensors, the fail-safe mechanism works and the LED starts blinking to show “network component error” so that building owners can easily comprehend the current situation. In the case the sensor shows the LED blinking, please contact your local distributor of NABCO.

Safety features 4
NABCO network system based on CAN communication

ประตูอัตโนมัติ Nabco

Self-diagnosis function allows the automatic door to monitor safety autonomously. If a problem occurs, it can be identified immediately and the fail-safe mechanism will work to prevent an accident.

Safety features 5
Fail-safe design

ประตูอัตโนมัติ Nabco

Occurrence of trouble involving a component

Safety feature works (opening or stopping the door) to prevent an accident.

The door system detects the faulty component to provide optimal operation.

For example:

  • If trouble with the geared motor is detected, the door is stopped.

  • If trouble with the sensor is detected, the door is full-opened.

  • If a wire break is detected, the door is stopped.

ประตูอัตโนมัติ Nabco

Smart settings meet user's requirements in
broad occasions.

ประตูอัตโนมัติ Nabco

ECO mode

The door system judges pedestrian's movement and, after the pedestrian passes through the door, starts the closing action earlier, contributing to energy saving.

ประตูอัตโนมัติ Nabco

Spot-by-spot setup of sensor

Since sensor detection spots can be set one by one according to the actual site environment, it is possible to reduce unnecessary door operation.

The interior environment is improved and operational efficiency is maintained.

Touchless switch mode

In case the door keeps opening unnecessarily due to continually passing by the door,
the setting can be changed to Touchless switch mode (only NS-A 01 / 02 / 03).



In the case of Touchless switch
mode, pedestrians walking or
objects moving pass the
passageway are not detected.

When a hand is placed near
the touch plate, the door

ประตูอัตโนมัติ Nabco
ประตูอัตโนมัติ Nabco


After the door opens, the
detection area is enlarged
around the door to detect

ประตูอัตโนมัติ Nabco


When no more pedestrians are
detected, the door closes and
the detection area returns to be
limited again.

ประตูอัตโนมัติ Nabco

Special design based on our abundant experience provides high durability.


Employment of a resin-baked door roller and complete improvement of the door roller and rail offer improved safety and quietness.
The optimal design of the door roller and rail increases the antiderailing performance and ensures safety in case of a possible collision of a pedestrian/object with the door.

ประตูอัตโนมัติ Nabco

Anti-derailing performance

ประตูอัตโนมัติ Nabco

The flange design on one side is improved to increase the anti-derailing performance of the door.

To prevent derailing, the door
roller is equipped with an
anti-derailing mechanism as standard.

See product specification and technical details of NABCO

NABCO Catalog Download

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ประตูอัตโนมัติ Nabco
ประตูอัตโนมัติ Nabco
ประตูอัตโนมัติ Nabco
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