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ประตูอัตโนมัติ TGD | Hermetic

Hermetic Door

ประตูอัตโนมัติ TGD | Hermetic

Hermetic Door

Hermetic Automatic Door

Hermetic door operating room

Hermetic automatic and manual doors are designed to hermetically seal an opening when in closed position.  The hermetic door operating system allows for the door to be lowered shortly before the final closure and pressed against the door frame for an all-round sealing.  This application is suitable for operating room, clean room, x-ray rooms, intensive care units and any enclosures that require increased cleanliness (aseptic environment).  

Door panels are available in HPL, Finished steel, Stainless steel and Aluminum framed glass panels.  

Additionally door panels can be fitted with lead plates with thickness of 1, 2, 3 or 4mm for X-ray protection.

Product Features

  • Hermetic sealing with all-round door leaf seal

  • Lowering and pressing mechanism in the drive

  • Dynamic door movement even for heavy door

  • Options for customization and door panel color


  • User interface with operating modes, status display and error display option

  • Full opening, partial opening, one way, electric lock and automatic modes

  • Emergency open and close option

  • Easy to clean design

  • Continuous floor area, no guide elements in the doorway


  • Vision panels

  • Handles (standard and lifting)

  • Bump bands

  • Opening safety sensors


  • CE (EN16005 / DIN18650; TUV certified)


Automatic door | Auto door | Door auto | Doorauto | Automaticdoor | Autodoor

ประตูอัตโนมัติ TGD | Hermetic
ประตูอัตโนมัติ TGD | Nabco Glass Hermetic Door _L03_PA.jpg
ประตูอัตโนมัติ TGD | Nabco Glass Hermetic Door
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