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Sliding Door

Auto door

The standard layout is suitable for all public buildings. both internally and externally, which facilitates and enhances the image of the organization Because the entrance for receiving visitors is the first point that is very important.

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Telescopic Sliding Door

Auto door

Double sliding door Suitable for use in any occasion when opening width is required. but with limited space, unable to make the door wider

Swing Door

Swing door/ In-floor swing door

Standard automatic swing doors are safe. and easy to install, ordinary doors that are in use can be quickly converted to automatic swing doors. without complexity Both single and double doors

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Break Out Door/
Escape Door

Auto door

This type of door can be used as a general automatic sliding door. But it can be used as an escape route in case of emergency. by pushing out

Breck out door.png

Hermetic Door

Hermetic door operating room

Operating room door that is designed to make the air inside look like a vacuum to prevent interference from outside


Revolving Door

Auto door

Suitable for all building structures Especially in areas where the wind is prone to dirt or dust. And the squealing sound is suitable for installing this type of door.

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Curve Sliding Door

Auto door

Curved sliding doors create architectural works that convey taste and image for the first time.

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Heavy Sliding Door

Auto door

Heavy duty sliding doors can handle jobs weighing up to 1000 kg to run smoothly. when using a gear reduction system, which can be applied to heavy loads up to 2,000 kg

Angular Sliding Door

Auto door

Corner sliding door It's the perfect solution for outstanding visual acuity. with the entrance of the building with a modern style


Folding Door

Auto door

Suitable for areas with limited space. want to save space Or suitable for replacing or improving old door panels that do not require much work.

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Sliding Door Closer

Auto door

It is a self-closing sliding door system. no electricity needed The door can be opened with a little force for use. 

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Garage Door

Auto door

Automatic garage door that comes with convenience And focus on safety for users Safety Sensor with automatic sensors